Lifestyle Upgrades – 2 Insights From Sir Virgin

Sir Richard Branson has overcome massive hurdles in order to create his empire.  Most people would have given up hundreds or even thousands of times.

There are 2 massive insights that I have gained from reading his first book ‘Losing My Virginity’ and I would love to share them with you.

Firstly, pretty much all of the challenges that he has undertaken, most of us would consider them to be too scary and would have hesitation at best, or more likely run a mile.

Sir Richard though does not consider them like this at all.  He sees them as a challenge but views them as fun as opposed to scary.

He does not see them as a chance of failure but as an opportunity to learn or succeed.  if it does not work out then he will devise another plan and see if that works.

This is a theme that I have seen many times in other great successful people and something that you will need to emulate if you are to achieve great success in your life.

Where would we be today if Thomas Eddison had given up after the first or even the thousandth time he had failed to produce a working light bulb?

So on to the second insight.  Sir Richard is a problem solver. Throughout his life, he has been solving problems.

Problems in his personal life.  Problems in his business life.

When he takes on any of his challenges, he analyses the problem at hand and thinks how he can best use his resources available to him to solve it.

If he does not have the needed resources, he searches to find them.

No issue is considered insurmountable.  There are always choices and there is always a solution.

I have often said that taking action, any kind of action, to take the next step forward, will cause the next solution to show itself to you and make the subsequent step clearer.

Sir Richards actions prove this to be the case.  Even though at times some appear to be quite reckless.

At times, when his actions have not had the desired results, his determination and courage to keep moving forward have always enabled him to finally reach a favourable outcome.  Even if it was not the same outcome that he was originally looking for.

If you keep taking steps forward towards your goal, even the scary ones, or should I say, especially the scary ones, you will eventually create the freedom that you are striving for.

Maybe I should change my motto to ‘Dream big and be a problem solver’ but I don’t think that it is quite as catchy 😆



Dream big and take action 👍
Scott 😃

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