Lifestyle Upgrades: 3 Awesome Ways Mini Habits Will Crush Your Goals

I am reading this great book called Mini Habits by Stephen Guise which I am getting a lot of value from.

There are 3 major takeaways that I would like to share with you which will speed your progress towards reaching your goals, whatever they may be.

Firstly is the forming of habits. Habits allow you to carry out important tasks that you have identified as crucial to creating your success without having to think about them.

Having to think about doing something might allow you to come up with an excuse to not doing it as there will be times when you are low on will-power or motivation.

So this leads to the importance of the second point, which is the ‘mini’ part.

By making your requirement ridiculously small, you remove the initial resistance. If you want to get fit, anyone can do a single pushup, right?

But once you have completed the required pushup, you are now able and usually willing to do bonus pushups and can complete 20 or 30 or more if you want to.

And by having a mini requirement that you will not fail to achieve every day, we come to the third point.

You will form the habit. You have no reason why you will not complete the requirement every day. And how will that make you feel?

Like you are a WINNER.

One of the issues that I have come across is that I try to fit too much into a day and when I come to the end of the day I focus more on what I have not achieved than what I have achieved.

This makes me feel more like a loser and that I have let myself down when in fact I have achieved a load of good stuff during the day.

Whereas now, I have my list of mini habits and I can ensure that I complete them EVERY day and go to bed feeling like a winner.

This is so important as we are training our brain for success, not failure, which is what successful people do, they have the belief that they are winners.

As a final tip, you can print out a yearly calendar from the internet just for your mini habits, and put a big red cross over the day when you have completed your mini habits for the day.

You will soon have a calendar with a row or rows of crosses forming a nice chain and you will not want to break the chain by missing a day.

Dream big and take action ๐Ÿ‘

Scott ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

Scott Lane – Founder BuildMyLifestyle
Digital Entrepreneur and Lifestyle Coach
SFM Elite+ / DEA Mastermind Experience Member


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