Lifestyle Upgrades – 4 Steps To Clear Your Path To Success

Big dreams and big goals.  How do you turbocharge your path to success? You have to clear a path.  This is how…

The world is  full of distractions.  Trying its hardest to slow you down and waste as much of your time as possible.

But there is a way that will enable you to gain maximum focus and greatly increase your productivity.  It will allow you to reach your goals much faster.

And it is actually very simple to do.  If not that easy.  Lets break it down into 4 stages:

1/ Firstly, choose your one task that is the most important to you right now.  The task that, by itself, will allow you to make the biggest step forward to reaching your goal.

2/ Now block off a certain amount of time that is realistic before you will need to make a hard stop like getting lunch for instance.  Make it a  good size block of time like a couple of hours or so if you can.

3/ Here is the crucial part, the part that is simple but is probably the hardest.

Remove all distractions.  All of them. 

Yep, including your phone.

Turn off all alerts, turn off your phone, don’t check your emails, turn off email notifications, lock your office door, turn off Facebook notifications, ignore social media…

You get the idea.  I know it is hard because all of those distractions have been proven to be addictive so it requires great will power.

But you need to be laser focussed with absolutely no distractions.  None!

4/ Now you can do your thing.

 You will be impressed by just how much work you can get done if you are not continually distracted and losing your concentration.

Your productivity will increase dramatically and you will be amazed at how you can make giant leaps towards reaching your goal by using this method every day, for every task that needs to be done.

At first, it requires a lot of discipline.  But once you get used to the peace and realise how productive you can be, it will become the norm for you.

Dream big and take action 👍

Scott 😃


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