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My journey to Build My Lifestyle started just a few months ago. First came the realisation that I was in the rat race, working from 9 to 5 during the week, having little control over my time, not feeling confident that my job would still be there until I could afford to retire, and most importantly, not feeling fulfilled.

The law of attraction was obviously on my side the day that I came across a video on YouTube of a guy explaining how I could break away from life’s stranglehold over me and I could live a truly fulfilling life. I was intrigued and strongly felt that this could be a way forward for me. I was offered a 7-day video series and after 7 days I was very excited by the possibilities and signed up straight away.

So what did I hope to gain from joining the Six Figure Mentors? In one word – freedom. Freedom to take control of my time, working from anywhere there is an internet connection and working the hours that I choose. Financial freedom to enjoy all that life has to offer without having to worry about having enough money. Freedom to have my own business where I get the rewards (and spoils). But primarily I think it is to have more time to spend with my family and on myself. I have a wife and 2 young girls and I have very little quality time to spend with them and unless something changes, this will never improve. I have more information about myself on my website <here>.

I also want to be able to serve others and help them to become financially independent and become aware of health issues that affect all of us. The health of the average individual is in decline and has been for a number of years so I am continually increasing my knowledge of how to live a healthy life and not be a victim of big pharma. The final piece to having a fulfilling life I believe is being spiritually enlightened which allows us to put all of the other elements of our life together and be truly happy.

The SFM is a proven online affiliate marketing system or business model that allows anyone to tap into the ever-growing digital World that is now at our fingertips. There are many many people inside SFM that have become very successful in online marketing and have replaced their unfulfilling day job with a successful marketing business. This has convinced me that if they can do it, so can I.

SFM is the tool or vehicle that allows me to build my lifestyle into what I want it to be. This would apply to you also. Do you ever dream about a fantastic life but think that it is too hard to achieve? Well, if you have the vision and the motivation, you can have your dream lifestyle. The SFM philosophy is to over-deliver on all fronts and this has certainly been the case. The training material is very comprehensive and the SFM community is so supportive. Never think that you are too old as I have just hit the big five-O and there are many people in SFM that are considerably older than me. You could also say that you do not have the time. However, if you find the time now, you will have the rest of your life to reap the rewards.

If you are interested in watching the FREE 7-day video series that got my attention to the Six Figure Mentors, please click on the banner below and enter your email address. The video series will then be forwarded directly to your inbox immediately and over the following 6 days.



Or perhaps you are keen to get going straight away. In that case please click on the image below where you will be redirected to the Get Started page on my website. There you can view a short message from one of my mentors and co-founder Stuart Ross, and you can sign up immediately. You can then start to build your dream lifestyle NOW!



Wishing you a life full of abundance and happiness,


(Founder –


I have an active Facebook page that I regularly update with new blogs that I post on this site covering health, wealth and self-improvement.  I also post inspirational quotes from the entrepreneurial successes and share other motivational Facebook posts from entrepreneurs that I follow that have a message that you may be interested in.  So please visit my Facebook page by clicking <here> and following me.

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