Colloidal Silver – Nature’s Antibiotic

Silver has been renowned for its antibiotic and antiviral properties for centuries. Years ago people would put a silver dollar in their bottled milk to help keep it fresh. The more financially well off would also use silver for drinking vessels and cutlery. More recently these benefits are being recognised in the medical field for use in hospitals and medical equipment.

Colloidal silver is silver nanoparticles suspended in a pure water solution. Typically it is sold at 30ppm (parts per million). It is available from some natural pharmacies or health shops but can also be bought online. It is relatively expensive mainly due to the amount of time it takes to produce.

It is also possible to make your own using a colloidal silver generator. This passes a small current from one pure silver electrode through pure water to the other silver electrode. Typically it takes about 3 days to produce a litre and after the original outlay for the generator, the cost of your colloidal silver is pretty much the cost of the pure water that you buy which is pretty cheap.

The uses of colloidal silver are widespread. If you are trying to treat cold or flu symptoms, the simplest form is to just drink some in the same way that you might take antibiotics for an infection. However, for some treatments is often better to use it in a more targetted manner. For instance, if you have a sore throat it is very effective to gargle the colloidal silver for about 30 seconds and hold it in your mouth for a few minutes so your body can absorb it sublingually, before swallowing it.

It can also be used topically on cuts or infections, in the same way you might use honey or iodine solution, to kill the infection and therefore promote skin growth.  It can also treat burns and fungal infections. It is a good idea to always have a stock in your medicine cabinet at home so it is readily available if required.

Please note that when taking colloidal silver internally, as with conventional antibiotics, you should consider taking a probiotic supplement to help maintain balanced microflora in the gut.

You can find further information on how colloidal silver is so effective in Dr Group’s article <here> and purchase some <here>.

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