Lifestyle Upgrades: Crush Your Resistance To Accelerate Your Success

What is the next big step that you need to do right now that will allow you to get to your goal the fastest?

There is a very good chance that you know exactly what that is but you keep putting it off.

Your mind will give you a thousand reasons why you shouldn’t or can’t do it.

But logic tells you that this is the most important step you should take.

The biggest and most important step is going to be the one that gives you the most resistance, probably even fear.

By taking this step, you will be taking on this fear and growing as an individual.

Once you have taken the step, you soon realise that it was not such a big deal at all and any resistance you were feeling will soon dissipate making it much easier to carry on and form a habit if that is what is needed.

Let’s take your health goal as an example. Perhaps you know that you should get up early tomorrow morning and go for a run.

This is something that you have been thinking about doing for a while but you always find an excuse not to do it. You can immediately feel the resistance whenever you consider it.

‘I don’t have the right running shoes’ or ‘I feel tired and need my sleep’ or ‘it looks like rain tomorrow’ or any number of excuses.

Deep down you know that this is the most important thing that you need to do to achieve your fitness goal.

So this is the next step that you must take. Absolutely must.

Once you have gone for your run tomorrow morning, it will be easier the next day and the next until a habit is formed.

Looking back in a month or so’s time you will be impressed as to how far you have come and at how easy it now is. And it all started with that first morning run.

A personal example for myself is shooting video ads. Although I now feel comfortable in front of the camera, I still hesitate when it comes to shooting ads.

There are plenty more things to consider when shooting an ad so it is a skill that has to be learned. And the only way to learn it is to do it, like anything else.

But I still manage to find a number of excuses to not shoot new ads regularly.

So this last week, I have been shooting an ad every day to practice, and it turns out to be easy and fun.

Once I have done my practice ad, I feel relaxed and I enjoy the experience.

What was all the fuss about? Just me making it harder than it needed to be.

You will probably find the same thing. Once you have made the first step and broken through that internal resistance you have, it will become easier and easier to maintain and you will wonder what all the fuss was about.

So feel the resistance, and overcome it. It really is as simple as it sounds. But it won’t necessarily be easy.

Dream big and take action ๐Ÿ‘

Scott ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

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