Executing A Plan To Reach Your Goal

Following my blogs on <desire> and <faith>, your inner self should now be believing that your goal is absolutely achievable and on its way to you. Now you need to formulate a plan and execute that plan.

There is a well known saying that ‘knowledge is power’ but this is actually incorrect. A look at the wealth at your local university or college will prove that. A better saying would be ‘knowledge plus a well-executed plan is power’.

To formulate your plan you need a good source of knowledge.  Fortunately, there is plenty of information readily available that is either very inexpensive or, in many cases, it is free.  Think of books that you may get from your local library.  Of course nowadays in this Digital World, we have plenty of amazing information at our fingertips on the World Wide Web.

Do not think that you have to do this alone.  There are probably many other people who are on the same journey as you, or maybe people that have already reached where you are heading and are keen to share their knowledge and experiences.  These people are best found on the internet in dedicated forums or community groups.

All of the great businesses rely on a mastermind group to assist the leader in formulating and executing their success plan.  Each of the mastermind group will have their own specialities and together they work in synergy to execute the plan successfully. Steve Jobs (Apple) and Richard Branson (Virgin) are famous examples of this.

Once your plan is formulated, do not hesitate in starting to execute your plan.  You may not think that you are quite ready but you must start anyway.  There will always be challenges and stumbling blocks on your journey but these must not stop you.

Another important saying is that “A winner never quits and a quitter never wins”.  All of the great successes in business were never easy, but determination and grit will see you through. The media always focus on a company when it has made it big and sold for billions of dollars, but they do not mention the many years of hard work that has gone into making the company successful.

If your plan fails then maybe it was not quite right and a modification to your plan is needed, or a new plan might be required.  If this is the case then change your plan as necessary and immediately start again.

Before long you will start to see major accomplishments and this will reinforce your belief that your goal is achievable.

At the SFM, you will be surrounded by members on a similar journey as you, albeit at different stages. From this community, you will be able to receive enlightening advice to assist you along your way, and you may even be able to assist others who are not as far along as you are. Together with a great team of mentors, you will soon be well on your way to achieving your goal of a successful business.

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Wishing you every success in reaching your goals.


(Founder – BuildMyLifestyle.com)


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