Lifestyle Upgrades – Henry Ford’s Thought On Thinking

Henry Ford has some great quotes.  Here he sums up why you might be avoiding thinking when a critical task is at hand.

Have there been times when you know that there is a particularly important task you need to do but you find that you keep getting distracted?

Maybe you keep procrastinating and something else that is not as important suddenly has to be done first.

The more difficult that your important task is, the harder it seems to get stuck in and do it.

As Henry Ford states, thinking is hard work.

And the brain is inherently lazy.

Wouldn’t you rather be watching the latest YouTube viral video than writing that important blog post?

Don’t feel bad.  We are all the same.

But the successful people in this world have a desire that forces them to focus on the task at hand.  And make that the #1 priority.

Just think.  This task will move you closer to your goal.

Every minute you watch that YouTube video, or procrastinate, that is a minute that you will never have in the future where you are living your dream.

Seems like a fair trade off, doesn’t it?

Next time you get tempted to delay that important action item, think of Henry’s quote above.

Do you want to be lazy like everyone else?  Or do you want to be successful?

Putting it like that, the choice seems obvious.  Do you agree?

Dream big and take action 👍

Scott 😃

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