Lifestyle Upgrades: How Important Is Failing?

I have just finished listening to an excellent audiobook by John Maxwell called ‘Failing Forward’.

In his book, John explains that the biggest difference between a really successful person and the average person is how they consider and deal with failure. Let’s look into this in more detail.

Firstly, what is your perception of failure? Society and school teach us that failing is bad so that is probably how you instinctively view failure.

Now think how a child learns to walk. It is only through perseverance that he or she will learn to walk. Giving up after a few failed attempts would mean living a life without the best form of mobility.

So although we instinctively shrug off failure at an early age, we are still taught later in life that it is bad.

And this brings us to this thought – if we are reluctant to try new things because we are scared of failing, how are we ever to improve?

On to the second point. If we do fail, how do we respond to that failure?

If you were scared of failing but you tried anyway and you do fail, there is probably a little voice inside your head that says “I told you so. You should have listened to me”.

And this may discourage you from trying new things in the future.

So this is where you need to realise that failing is just part of your journey. You will fail at times but you must not be discouraged.

In fact, what you should do is pat yourself on the back for trying. 👏

And then analyse what went wrong and how you might do better next time.

The book gives many examples of people who created their success but had many failures along the way before reaching that success.

Sometimes it is a process of continual improvement that will allow you to reach the success that you are looking for.

For other people, it might be the journey of trying different things until you find the one thing that really gels with you and it gives you that success and fulfilment.

So think of failure as a good thing. Good in that you stepped out of your comfort zone and tried.

Whether you fail or succeed, you will learn something from the action you took. You will either have learnt what works, or what doesn’t work.

This will move you closer to creating the success you are striving for.

Dream big and take action 👍

Scott 😃

Scott Lane – Founder BuildMyLifestyle
Digital Entrepreneur and Lifestyle Coach
SFM Elite+ / DEA Black Member


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