Lifestyle Upgrades: How To Be A Rhino

Rhinos are huge but mostly docile animals that weigh about 3 tons and have a 2-inch thick skin.

When they charge at their target, nothing is going to stop them.

The book Rhinocerous Success by Scott Alexander takes a rather humorous look at the commonalities between successful people and wild rhinos.

The book is a reasonably short read but contains all of the key pointers required to create a successful life.

There are 3 main steps to creating success:

1/ Have a worthy goal

2/ Have the belief that you can achieve your goal

3/ Take persistent action into realising your goal

The book covers many comparisons between the rhino go-getters and the cows that love to graze in their pasture.

There are of course many dreamers in the world who do not take action and they will never accomplish very much. It is the ‘taking action’ part that is the big difference between the cows and the rhinos.

A rhino targets the goal and charges at it. Nothing is going to stop a 3-ton rhino.

The charging rhino may come across many obstacles but they are a minor inconvenience. Nothing can penetrate their 2-inch thick skin.

I found the book to be very motivational. After just a few minutes of the audiobook, I found that I was wanting to tackle my next task right away. After all, every second counts in our relatively short life.

This is another of those great books that has all of the keys to success within the pages. Making a concerted effort to take note of, and take action on all of the main points in the book will bring you success.

With the focus of this book being to emphasise the taking action step, it could make the difference between you staying a grazing cow or becoming a charging rhino.

Now here’s a suggestion:

I searched the internet for an image of a charging rhino and had a bunch of business cards printed for $10 or so which I am using as my goal cards.

I can write down my goals on the back and carry these in my pocket, as suggested by Bob Proctor. So whenever I put my hand in my pocket I am reminded of my rhino goals and I get the impulse to charge them down.

Now get charging ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

Dream big and take action ๐Ÿ‘

Scott ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

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