Lifestyle Upgrades: Discipline Part1, How To Create Discipline

Super successful people always have a very disciplined life.  As being disciplined is so very difficult, how do they achieve that?  Let’s discuss…

Having a structured life, being focussed, being accountable, being productive are all really important traits that we must acquire.

If you look at the lives of the ultra-successful, they always appear to be so disciplined.  And to a great extent, they are.

But this is mainly an illusion.  Being so disciplined would actually be way too difficult for anyone.

So what is the magic secret that these people have?

Discipline actually uses a lot of brain power or brain energy, hence why it is so difficult to be disciplined for extended periods of time.

You will find that if you tackle one positive attribute that you would like to bring into your life at a time, it becomes much easier to sustain the required discipline to achieve it.

Now this is the important part.

By taking that same action every day, and I mean every day, it will become easier and easier over time to carry out that action.

And eventually a habit is formed.

Now habits are great because you don’t really need much discipline to take that action as it becomes natural, or habitual.

These habits can take anything from 30 days to 90 days to form, and once they are formed, it gets much easier to maintain.

So you can then move on to improving your new habit or start creating another one.

If you take an average of say 60 days or 2 months to create each new habit, that would be 6 new habits in a year.

Think how much progress you will have made by instilling 6 new habits into your life in just 12 months.  That would be life-changing.

Even 2 or 3 major habits in your life can turn your life’s direction around and move you substantially closer to you creating your new life of time and financial freedom.

So, your action step for today is to pinpoint your next big habit you want to form, the one that will move you the furthest to creating your life of freedom.

And start it today!

Dream big and take action 👍

Scott 😃


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