Lifestyle Upgrades – Is Multitasking Effective?

Multitasking was a term created when computers started becoming so fast that a single computer could run multiple applications seemingly at the same time.

In fact, the computer only ever runs a single task at a time but is able to seamlessly switch between multiple tasks.  And it is good at it.  But is it effective for humans?

We are all pretty busy these days, especially if you are building your start-up business.

There is a widespread belief that multitasking is an effective way to get multiple tasks completed faster than if they were performed one after the other.

This perception all sounds very cool but does it actually work?

As an entrepreneur, business owner or just a busy person with lots of tasks to do, is this an effective approach?

Well, in fact, it has been proven conclusively that it is not.

Switching between tasks takes additional time and effort so multitasking could well be taking you significantly longer than if you tackled one task at a time with ultimate focus until completed.

There are a number of reasons for this.  One significant reason is that it takes time for you to refocus when switching back to the previous task.

This can also lead to errors which need to be minimised.

Keep this in mind while you have so many distractions fighting for your attention.

Remove the temptation to check your emails, your phone messages, your Facebook notifications.

That way your laser focus on one task at a time can allow you to be super productive and get your tasks done in the minimal amount of time, and to the quality that you are looking for.

I come across this issue regularly, where I have a lot of things to get done so I think that I can multitask a bit to kill 2 birds, as they say.

However, I have learnt that I cannot focus on one task fully and still keep an effective ear out to listen to some training, or whatever the second task might be.

It just does not work for me so I do not even try anymore.

And research has proven that it does not work for anyone.

Prove it to yourself, and then never waste another moment trying it again.

Check out this Forbes article for more on the subject if you are interested.



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