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Society has us in a box. You are the product of your surroundings. What you experience every day is your world.

I urge you to look up Plato’s cave as it is known (Google ‘Plato’s Allegory of the Cave’). It is a story that gives a great example of this.

Your world, your box, has 2 major influences: the first is the society that you live in controlled by the 1% as it is known (which is actually the 0.0001% or less), and the second is the programming you have received from birth from your parents, family, school and so on.

You have been brought up in a world of scarcity. Where money and happiness are limited.

Always running from one thing to the next. A busy life. Like a hamster in its cage running in its hamster wheel.

But you understand that there is another world that you want to experience outside of your box. A world of pure freedom and happiness.

Breaking out of this box to reach this better world though is not so easy.

You will notice so many things holding you back from your environment, your friends and family, and even yourself.

I am sure that you know this to be true.

So you have to realise this and make sure that your reason for traversing to this better world is strong enough.

Then get over yourself or whatever your excuse may be and take action regardless.

You can do this. Many have in the past and many more are now and will be in the future.

All of the really successful people in this world are all action takers.

‘No’ is never an option.



Dream big and take action 👍
Scott 😃

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