Lifestyle Upgrades – Never Underestimate What You Can Achieve

As you are probably aware, I am a huge advocate for taking action.

Sometimes this can be tough, scary even.   But taking action is the only way to move forwards towards attaining your goals.

Consider this: the only way you are guaranteed to not being successful is to not take action.

But if you try, however big or unlikely it may seem that you can succeed, you at least have a chance.

I don’t know about you, but I prefer the odds of possibly succeeding far more than I like the odds of definitely not succeeding.

The ego is that part of your brain that is always judging others and always trying to convince you that what you are doing is right.

However, the main purpose of the ego is to keep you safe so that you always live to fight another day.

Now, back in the days when we lived in the wild in tribes, it was essential that you were very careful about what you did, and how it affected your status in the tribe.  If you get kicked out of the tribe for not conforming, it will probably lead to your demise.

But in this day and age, the most likely worst-case scenario for you, if you do not succeed, is that you feel a bit stupid or get upset that you failed.  Yep, that is the worst case scenario.

And of course, the only way you can grow as an individual is to try new things.  Things that force you outside of your comfort zone.

So do not put off another moment. If you have a dream, take action on it now.

If you want to get fit, go for a jog.

If you want to lose weight, put that doughnut in the rubbish bin and grab yourself a carrot or celery stick.  😁

If you want to create freedom in your life, get online and buy an e-book written by a successful billionaire like Richard Branson and start reading.

Or you could sign up with the SFM and check out all that it has to offer you.  To allow you to build multiple income streams and give you the time and financial freedom you deserve.

Whatever it is that you have been putting off, do it now.

I will leave you with a great quote from Henry Ford (and of course this applies to the ladies too):

Dream big and take action 👍
Scott 😃

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