Lifestyle Upgrades – S.M.A.R.T. or D.U.M.B. Which is best?


What I am referring to here is, of course, SMART goals and DUMB goals.

You may have already heard of SMART goals, but DUMB goals are also very important.

So which is best?

It is so so so important to have goals, a vision if you like so you have an irresistible target to aim for.

As the saying goes:

If you don’t know where you are going, any road will lead you there

Let’s have a look at SMART goals first:

– Specific, have a very definite target to aim for

– Measurable, so you are able to track your progress towards your target

– Attainable, something that you can reach and is within your control

– Relevant to your main goals and vision

– Time specific, a definite date to aim for to encourage some urgency

Following these pretty straightforward guidelines will enable you to create some great goals in your life that will ensure you move closer to your amazing lifestyle you are after.

Now to the DUMB goals:

– Dreamy, use your amazing imagination to ensure you have a fantastic goal

– Uplifting, a goal that makes you feel on top of the world

– Motivating to drive you forward even when times are tough

– Big, have no limits, a goal that you want and not what is deemed normal

A DUMB goal will make you feel fantastic and will be the big ‘why’ to the actions that you are taking.

So, to answer the original question as to which is better, I believe they both play an essential role in you creating your dream lifestyle.

The DUMB goals are your big picture goals, your vision, your big ‘why’.  These will give you the motivation to keep on keeping on until you reach your epic lifestyle.

Whereas the SMART goals are smaller goals and more specific, the small steps if you like as you move ever closer to your dream.

So ensure that you have your goals written down, and you have a vision board, so that you can remind yourself every day why you are doing this…

…And what you need to do next to get yourself closer to your dream lifestyle.



Dream big and take action 🙂
Wishing you every success in your life journey,

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