To Obtain Your Desire, You Must Have Faith

Following my previous blog on The Power of Desire, to fully realise your desire you must have faith that you will reach that goal. This can seem an impossible task but there is a way. You need to convince your subconscious, or your inner self, that it is achievable and that you will reach that goal. So how can you trick your subconscious into believing something that has not happened yet?

The best way to do this is using autosuggestion. The first thing is to write your desire on a piece of paper. I mean physically write it on paper, not type it on a keyboard, as this has more impact on your subconscious. You can even write it multiple times, say 10 times, for an even greater effect on your subconscious. Then you need to read this goal as often as you can – every morning when you first wake up, every evening before you go to sleep, when you are sitting on the bus or in traffic… you get the idea. To turbocharge this method, you can also get out a piece of paper and write this again 10 times daily.

There is another very important element that you also need. You may notice that reading affirmations often do not work in isolation. That is because of the lack of emotion.  Saying something to your subconscious without any feeling has little if any effect.

So add some emotion. In fact, add tons of emotion in the form of visualisation. Visualise that you have already reached that goal.  What emotions do you feel? Try and use as many of your senses that you can. What do you see, what do you feel in terms of your physical body or feel emotionally? How happy are you? How accomplished do you feel?

Now practise and practise and practise and repeat and repeat…  Before long you will start to believe that you can reach that goal and your subconscious will assist you along the path to realising your goal by giving you ideas and the necessary motivation to drive you closer to that goal.

Now be mindful to set a goal that is achievable, but not too easy. The reason for this is that it is very difficult to visualise achieving a goal that seems too difficult or too far out of reach. You may not know how you are going to get there, that is fine. Have faith.

If your goal does seem too difficult to attain, break it down into smaller steps and make the first step your goal. Once you have achieved this, you can move onto the next step, and so on.

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