How Do You Obtain Blind Faith?

Religions and spiritualists are known for saying that you must have faith. For some people, having blind faith comes easily but for many, it does not. That depends on what sort of personality traits you have. There is a saying that “Seeing is believing” but in reality, it is the believing that has to come first to make your vision a reality.

I was listening to a Have It All podcast (from Satori Prime) recently where they were exploring many different points relating to business growth and personal development. They were discussing this very subject on Faith and mentioned something very interesting. One guy said that he is one of those people who is very logic-minded and he found it difficult to believe that something that he was envisioning would manifest until he sees some kind of proof.

I must admit that I was very much like that although through my personal development I am slowly moving towards the belief in manifestation by visualisation and faith.

However, this guy was reading an article in his psychology magazine about a company in Canada that specialises in helping people recover from medical conditions by placebo and of course, the patients have to be completely unaware of this and believe that this is an ordinary clinic.

It turns out that patients go to this special clinic to fix their ailments by surgery. They are treated as if they were going for a procedure, for instance like back surgery. The doctors and nurses are all suitably professionally dressed and the rooms contain many certificates on the walls to show their expertise and success. They then go for the surgery where a small incision is made in the skin so that it looks for all intents and purposes like the surgery has been performed.

Now here is the interesting part. This clinic has a success rate of 80%. That’s right 80%, and they do not perform any surgeries at all. The improvement in the conditions of the patients is only due to their belief.

The funny this is that they have a higher success rate than clinics actually performing the surgery, which is only 60%.

Now coming back to the guy telling the story. After reading this article in his magazine, his conscious mind now has proof that having faith in something can produce positive results. This is a fact that his mental reasoning can relate to and he now has faith in faith. That is, reading this article managed to allow him to alter his belief system from being sceptical about unrealised faith to being a believer. Isn’t it fascinating how the mind works?

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