Are Schools Teaching Our Kids The Skills They Need?

The current school system was started over a hundred years ago by the Rockefellers. It teaches our children to learn a set curriculum and they learn how to take tests. Although this appears to be a good way to learn, it does not encourage them to solve problems by finding potential solutions. In fact what it is doing is teaching them to be good workers, that work for someone else and follow the system that their job requires them to adhere to.

Society does need good workers but unfortunately, many of the skilled jobs of yesteryear do not exist anymore. Robots are taking away many jobs and this trend will only increase. Even fast food joints are trialling robots to serve you and cook your burgers!

Many other jobs are moving over to the developing countries where labour is many times cheaper. So what will the kids of today do for a job when it is time for them to become independent? Will they be fighting over the few jobs that remain? This is a tough question to answer.

I have two young girls and this question is of paramount importance to me. What I am deciding to do is teach them how to build a business in the ever-expanding digital economy. I am currently learning this skill myself and as I learn I will be passing my knowledge to my girls as part of their extracurricular homework.

For myself, I am learning how to be a successful online affiliate marketer with the Six Figure Mentors. This I will use as a baseline for my marketing business. Many of the skills I am learning will be relevant to teach my children, such as building attractive websites, advertising smarts on the Google, Bing and Facebook platforms, making YouTube videos, general marketing principles, using graphics packages, sales techniques, and plenty more.

My intention is to give them the building blocks necessary to build their own digital businesses before they are 16 years old. As I find the time and they get a little older, I will be teaching them these skills to realise my goal of giving them full life smarts to survive in the economies of the new world.

If you are facing the same concerns about your children’s future, this could be a suitable solution for you. Affiliate marketing is pretty much in its infancy in the online world so this will be a growing business opportunity for the next 20 plus years.

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