The Power of Desire

We all have wish lists.  And it is known that the big achievers in life are often dreamers.  So what is the big difference that makes certain people so successful?   It all starts with desire.

Think of recent great visionaries like Steve Jobs.  He was obviously a great businessman and a great leader but his life’s ambition was to make his visions become reality.  Now we see them everywhere and they have changed the World that we live in.

How about great businessmen like Henry Ford who had the vision that everyone should be able to afford the motor car and he delivered on that vision.  Bill Gates had the desire to design an operating system for the masses to power the personal computer and dominated that industry almost completely until Apple’s recent emergence.  Tiger Woods did not want to be a great golfer and just win golf tournaments, he desired to be the best golfer ever.  Nikola Tesla is responsible for much of what we take for granted today in the fields of a.c. power, x-rays, radio waves and more.

So let’s be clear.  Desire alone will not enable us to achieve everything that we want in life but it is the starting point, and without desire, we are very unlikely to achieve them.

What is it that you desire?  A healthier body, a better job, more money, a better relationship.  They are possible and can be within your grasp if you truly desire them.  Add a plan to get what you desire and execute that plan and you will soon be moving closer to that goal.

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