Turbocharge The Odds Of Attaining Your Goals

We all understand the importance of setting goals. Without having a target, there is little hope of actually reaching it. Once you have your goal written down, there is a way to significantly increase your chances of accomplishing it.

It is far too easy with all that is going on in our lives to lose focus on our goals. People’s lives these days, in general,  are very busy with working the 9-to-5, travelling to & from work, time for the family, looking after your home, socialising and a little time for yourself if you are lucky. So we need constant reminders to keep the goals fresh in our mind.

I recently come across a guy, Darren Jacklin, who is a professional speaker. He is very open about his life story and it is an incredible one. He grew up with very low self-esteem (which is not too uncommon) and has turned his life around from living on the streets having tried many suicide attempts, to an extremely successful professional speaker and multiple business owner worth millions of dollars.

His tip to increase the chance of attaining your goals is a simple but not necessarily easy one. Keep a journal and write your main goals in the journal twice a day. The first time will be just after you rise for the day before you get into your reactive state and get busy. This can be as part of your morning routine. The intention here is to focus your thoughts for the day on your goals and the decisions you make during the day will be influenced by what needs to be done to reach these goals. It also has the added advantage of attracting people, situations and circumstances into your life that will assist you to the same end.

The second time of writing your goals in your journal will be before going to sleep at night so your subconscious can stay focused while you are sleeping. This means that in total you will write your top goals a total of 730 times during the year. You can understand how this is a winning formula. But the very successful people who follow this formula follow it religiously and never fail to journal their goals twice daily!

Another hack I use is to have a reminder on my Mac that reminds me every hour of each of my top goals. When I click on the ‘Remind me in one hour’ button I think about the goal and it keeps it fresh in my mind.

If you would like to watch the YouTube video of Darren, please see below. I have watched a number of Darren’s videos and there are many fantastic nuggets that he shares that will definitely assist you in becoming a successful entrepreneur if that is your life’s journey. I recommend that you check him out.


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