What Is Health Freedom?

Our bodies consist of trillions of cells that are replacing themselves regularly. The nutrients required to build new cells come from the food that we eat, drinks we consume and the air that we breathe. So the old adage ‘We are what we eat’ is very valid.

With the developments in agriculture over the past decades to produce food on a large scale at an affordable price, many shortcuts have been utilised. Unfortunately, this practice has introduced many toxins in to the foods that are detrimental to our health.

This will include such chemicals as pesticides like glyphosate on our crops, such drugs as antibiotics in our meats to help bring the animals to maturity before slaughter, and even flouride in many municipal water supplies to allegedly assist in teeth health. The common perception portrayed by the media is that these toxins are not an issue to us as we can cope with them in small quantities, or that we can excrete them.

The reality is that many of these toxins actually build up in our bodily systems. A little every day soon starts to have a detrimental effect on our health. If we develop a condition, we go to see the doctor who is unlikely to be aware of general health and nutrition, so he/she prescribes some drug to counteract the symptoms.

If you look closely at almost any prescribed drug, there is a fact sheet that has a rather scary list of possible side effects. And if a side effect shows itself, the doctor will have another drug he can prescribe you to try to counteract it. So it goes on.

Although the above is a bit of a generalisation, you probably do not have to look far to find a family member, relative or friend, particularly elderly ones, who are on a huge cocktail of drugs daily. What I find rather interesting is that the effectiveness of the drugs being consumed is rarely questioned. Few, if any, of the conditions being treated have actually been resolved. That is the trust that the average person has in the medical industry. Maybe that is why a doctors appointment is free, whereas if you want to see an alternative practitioner for natural or alternative treatments, the cost can be quite high.

Back to health freedom. I believe that this is taking ownership of your own health by realising what we are putting into our bodies so that it does not get compromised. Being aware is the start towards health freedom. Achieving true health freedom is a process that takes time (mainly in the form of self-education), effort (to choose the best foods for your body), and to some extent, money (for sustainably farmed produce or organic foods).

Here is another saying ‘You either pay for it now or you pay for it later’. This means that if you do not address this now and make the effort, you will pay the price later when you either fall sick or worse. Food for thought I hope (pun intended).

Wishing you a long and healthy life,


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