What is Stopping You From Reaching Your Goals?

We all want to achieve things in our life, we all have our goals. But some goals, or even most goals seem to be just out of reach. Either they are too difficult, or we get distracted, or lose focus, or something happens that prevents us from achieving them.

Firstly, ask yourself how much you want to achieve your goal. Is it just a wish, a want or a must? This is crucial as you will find that you are far more likely to reach your goal if you want it enough. See my other blog about desire. It will be far easier to motivate yourself if it is a goal that you must achieve.

Many people who find themselves trapped by misfortune, for instance, losing their job, or even worse, losing their livelihood, tend to be more successful in achieving their goal of finding a new job or new vocation because they have to. They must or they have nothing.

Here lies the key. You must want it so bad that there is no failing. You will do anything to get there. Of course, this does not mean that you should do anything bad. Quite the opposite in fact, as the more service you can provide others, the more likely you are to be successful.

You will encounter obstacles as you pursue your goal and this is where it is easy to give up. So this is where wanting it enough must drive you on. Persistence will get you there. Every obstacle that needs to be overcome is a challenge, and every obstacle that is overcome will get you closer to your prize.

It is also worth considering how you perceive your goal. It needs to be something attractive that drives you on.  Consider it as if the goal is pulling you along, not that you are pushing. It is far harder to be pushing than t is to be pulled. This is the mindset.

Imagine that your goal is to get fit. What do you think is the best way to look at this? Are you to focus on the getting up early to go to the gym and go through the pain of the aching muscles while you exercise? Or is it better to think of looking in the mirror and seeing the noticeable improvement in your body shape and having lots more energy for the day once you are fit?

Routines are a great way to move closer to reaching your goals. Once you do something routinely it becomes a habit, and habits require less effort. So soon the new habit you have formed becomes part of your life and you are moving closer to your prize with what seems like little effort.

Another point is to try to do something every day. Do not skip days as you will lose momentum and focus. Looking at the get fit example above, if you are so tired one day, you do not need to do a full workout but do a small workout with some stretching or breathing exercises. That way you keep the habit going.

I hope that this has given you some inspiration to tackle one of your old goals that you have not achieved yet, or perhaps try for a new goal.

Wishing you a healthy and prosperous life,


(Founder – BuildMyLifestyle.com)


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