Lifestyle Upgrades: What Is The Most Powerful Way To Eliminate Overwhelm?

Life is very complicated these days.

When I think back 20 years or so when I was younger, life seemed so much simpler.

There was none of the technology then that we have around today. Isn’t technology supposed to make life simpler? I do not believe so.

Mobile phones have to be the biggest culprit around today. They have so many ways to distract us from what we should be doing.

But the point is that all these distractions keep us away from doing what we need to be doing to be successful unless we are very careful and make the right conscious decisions.

So really a lot of the complications in today’s society are self-inflicted.

Yes, there are a lot of complications caused by technology today that cannot be avoided. But many of the distractions can.

I make a real effort to avoid distractions like Facebook, YouTube (mostly), tv and radio and all these latest mobile phone apps like Instagram, Snapchat and the like.

Another issue I have found while learning the new skills to grow my online business is that it is so easy for me to get overwhelmed by the large number of things that I want to do.

SFM has immense amounts of training available and I could easily sit behind my computer screen and watch training videos and webinars for the next few months and never get any actual productive work done.

This would not keep my business moving forward in any way. Learning without taking action is useless.

Therefore, I have to keep my learning to a reasonable level and ensure that I am continuously taking action. I am always reassessing what is the next task that I need to do to move my business forward the most and concentrate on that one thing.

The rest can wait for their turn. What are you doing to reach your goals? Are you prioritising your To-Do list regularly?

Are you checking daily that you are always doing the one thing that is most important for you to move forward the fastest towards reaching your goal?

Another issue that I am always concerned about is overwhelm.

I often find that when I have a lot of competing priorities that I get overwhelmed and my brain just gives up.

The way I get around this is, again, to find the most important thing for me right now that will have the biggest impact on reaching my goal and put the rest away for a later time.

So the overarching theme to this is ‘Focus’.

Do not get distracted. Do not get overwhelmed.

Think about your goal and do the one most important thing that will have the most impact on getting you closer to your goal.

Dream big and take action ๐Ÿ‘

Scott ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

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