Lifestyle Upgrades: What Is ‘Your Best Life’?

You want to live your best life. But what is that exactly?

We will all have different ideas as to what will make our lives the very best possible but it can be difficult to actually work out what that is.

In general, society is very negative and full of limitations so finding what is ‘best’ for you can leave you with goals that are way short of your true potential.

If you were to say to someone “I am going to start an online business and become financially free” or “I am going to join a gym and lose 30 pounds and get super fit”, you will probably get a lot of negative responses and if you are lucky you might get a little encouragement.

But really, both goals are very achievable although of course, they will require a fair amount of commitment to make them a reality.

Now let’s get back to finding the right goals for you to live your best life. If you are finding this a bit of a struggle, I suggest the following.

Meditation has been used for thousands of years to allow humans to tap into the greater consciousness. This can have a number of huge benefits.

One of those is to free your mind and allow yourself to find what really is your purpose in life. Find what really makes you tick and will give you that fulfilled life that you are looking for.

Do not limit yourself. Do not compare yourself to others and do not let what other people might say stop you before you even start.

There are many great people who have achieved fantastic things in their life. These people had a vision, a goal, and did not allow anything to stop them from believing.

They did not allow limitations or other peoples views to stop them.

So I suggest to you that you find what is your real passion in life and make that your number 1 goal, that will allow you to –


Dream big and take action 👍

Scott 😃

Scott Lane – Founder BuildMyLifestyle
Digital Entrepreneur and Lifestyle Coach
SFM Elite+ / DEA Black Member


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