Lifestyle Upgrades: From A Nobody To A Success, What Was His Secret?

This guy started from very humble beginnings. His family was very poor. But he is now famous and wealthy.

So the question is, what did he do that allowed him to create his success?

I am talking about motivational speaker Les Brown. And his secret is really not a secret at all.

There were many factors that brought him success but if I had to pinpoint the most important one, it would be perseverance.

He just did not give up. However bad things got for him, he carried on because he had a BIG ‘why’. He wanted to buy his mother a lovely home.

It took him a few years to get there, but get there he did.

One great saying that he focuses on is:

It’s not over until you win

It is a wonderful story and I highly recommend that you watch his motivational speech on YouTube at

In this relatively short 35 minute speech, he covers so many of the aspects that you need to succeed and reach your goal.

He always had the belief that he would make it, despite how things often looked to the contrary.

When you have the biggest ‘why’, you can overcome any ‘how’.

He was also taught to always be ready, even if the profession was not his yet. By being ready, when it did arrive, he was able to hit the ground running.

This ‘being ready’ also tends to bring the opportunity to you by what is known as ‘the law of attraction’.

He also had a mentor of sorts, an old high-school teacher that give him pivotal advice that turned his belief from being a mentally retarded child to a child of limitless potential.

This belief carried him through his life and allowed him to push on through the tough times.

One regret he did mention in the speech was that he had wasted plenty of time, time that he later realised he had lost from a temporary loss in faith.

So I highly recommend that you watch this video at and take note of all of the important aspects you will need to succeed.

and take note of all of the important aspects you will need to succeed.

And one final trait was that he was always taking action on his dreams which is the only way you will ever reach them.

No action guarantees that you will not succeed.

Continuous imperfect action gives you a fantastic chance if you persevere.

Dream big and take action ๐Ÿ‘

Scott ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

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