Why I’m All In..

My journey since joining SFM has been life-changing. In many ways.

But most of these changes have been in my mindset.

Following recent events, I have decided to invest fully within the SFM / DEA program and I’m now all in.

When I say that I’m all in, I am referring to my membership status.

How It Started

I joined SFM and DEA over a year ago and have been on a journey of self-development and skills growth ever since.

I was advised from the outset that due to my restricted amount of free time available to invest in my business, I would benefit most from investing at the higher member levels due to the additional coaching and mentorship.

I was a bit sceptical at first but I now completely agree with that comment.

I joined at the SFM Elite+ and DEA Gold levels and both of these have proved significant in my business progress and my development as an entrepreneur.

The quantity of the training at SFM and DEA is immense and there is far too much to try to take it all in. It is essential to focus on the training you are looking for, the training that will best serve your business direction and personal growth you specifically need.

But for me personally, it has been the quality of the training available far more than the quantity. And this comes from the 1-on-1 coaching and mentoring.


Now, I have always believed that I will be successful. I will develop the necessary mindset and skills I need to succeed.

I know I will succeed because I will not stop until I do. It is that simple.

In that year plus so far I have come a long way, and so has my business. But I have always felt that I was missing something.

I could not put my finger on it. However, every time I am on a live coaching call, or a mentoring call, or even a recorded webinar, I become uplifted and my personal growth and my motivation continue.

Then suddenly it all clicked…

A Realisation

I went to my first SFM Momentum Day recently, held locally at the Gold Coast in Australia.

There I was surrounded by like-minded individuals, some just starting on their SFM journey, some already showing great success, and everything in-between.

The 1-day seminar was mind-blowing.

… Lots of important takeaways…

… Lots of technical skills gained…

… Lots of empowering stories shared by members of how they created their dream lifestyle through SFM and DEA…

… Meeting many of my great coaches and mentors…

… And the big one for me, belief that I too can create my dream lifestyle.

It was like watching one of those great motivational YouTube videos. But 1,000 times more powerful.

After leaving the event, and still buzzing, I spent some more time examining the top performers.

I came to realise that all of these members were at the top level, the Black level.

The Black level gives an extra level of support available only to the Black members, including the mastermind group. It seems that this sharing between the top performers gives the extra boost that these people need to be very successful.

It seemed that they have this extra inner belief that brings the best out of them and created their great successes.

And I need that too.

So I made my decision to go all in.

Next task was to find the money. We kind of live on my full-time wages and have little free cash floating around with 2 young girls in tow.

But I got resourceful and found the necessary funds.

Now here’s the thing. My mindset changed instantly.

It is hard to pinpoint exactly but my attitude changed.

For any new idea, any action that will help me get to the next level, it was not a matter of “Yep, I need to do that”, it became “How and when can I make that happen”.

It was only a subtle shift but it was significant. A bit hard to put into words.

I am now part of the top group in SFM / DEA.

Does this mean that I expect to crush it and become an overnight success?

Of course not. But I am sure that I will create a higher level of success and create it faster.

Does this mean that you will need to be at the Black level to be successful in SFM. Absolutely not.

But to be at the top of your personal game and at the top of your SFM / DEA performance and return on investment, it sure helps.


My focus has shifted. Previously I wanted to support my members as best I could.

Now I want to give as many people as possible the awareness and opportunity to change their life and to have complete time and financial freedom. And support those members throughout their SFM / DEA journey.

As you can see, I now have more focus, more direction. I am becoming more of a leader.

Leading by example and demonstrating absolute dedication to my vision of serving others.

By me taking the psychological leap to the top level, by fully committing financially, I am now in the right place. Both in positioning within SFM / DEA and in mindset.

This is in line with other top leaders within the SFM community. I can name many of these who joined at the Black level before becoming successful.

And they all give excellent support to their members, and even members who joined through other referrers. It is all about serving others.

And more

Just so you are aware, there are additional benefits, including the higher affiliate commissions paid on the higher ticket DEA services.

The more commissions I am able to earn as a by-product of my marketing, the more I will be able to reinvest in my marketing and the more people I will potentially be able to assist in realising that they have a choice, giving them the opportunity to improve their lifestyle.

Wishing you all the best in creating the lifestyle that you truly deserve.

Me With Some Of My Personal Mentors

Dream big and take action 👍

Scott 😃


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