Lifestyle Upgrades: Discipline Part 3, Willpower Power

Exercising willpower is crucial to enable you to use your discipline to create your habits. So why does your willpower sometimes completely desert you in times of need?

Your brain is actually a muscle and it uses a lot of your daily energy when you consider its relatively small mass.

And willpower is a function of using your brain. Hence, when your brain is tired, using willpower can seem like a futile attempt to gain the discipline you are after.

Therefore, when using discipline to create habits, it is best to do this in the mornings when your brain is fresh and full of energy.

Perhaps this is another reason why the morning routine is so powerful and achievable. Trying to instil habits into your daily routine in the evening would be much more difficult.

Think about how many people fail in their attempt to lose weight with their unwanted evening food binges and midninght snacks.

And here is another interesting fact.

Many years ago, psychologists performed an experiment on children called the marshmallow test. It was a cruel experiment but did eventually yield some interesting results.

Each child was given a treat of their choice like a marshmallow or a cookie. They were then told that if they could wait 15 minutes without eating the treat, they would be given an additional treat of the same.

So these poor kids had to resist the temptation to eat their treat so they could benefit from an additional treat. And they struggled.

Only 30% of them actually managed to last the required 15 minutes and gain their reward.

This is a human trait where we are easily tempted by instant gratification. The rewards of delayed gratification seem to be pretty hard, even though the benefits are obvious.

This is willpower, or lack of it, at work.

The psychologists then looked at how these kids performed as they grew up.

They found that those who could wait for the delayed gratification and the additional treat faired better in life than those who couldn’t.

Much better.

So the point here is that although it is easier and more natural to enjoy your rewards now, you will be much better off if you can wait and enjoy larger spoils in the future.

This is where it is really important for you to identify your skill you want to become a master in, and start right away.

And then practise every day, without fail, until you become a master in it.

Dream big and take action ๐Ÿ‘

Scott ๐Ÿ˜ƒ


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